It Finally Happened


My life as changed to a point of no return now. I have been poked, pricked and examined enough in the past 3 days I think I am good for a year or so. It started when my friend took my blood sugar because I just have not been feeling very well, it as 566! Well needless to say the paramedics arrived shortly after and were able to get it to 375 very easily. I figured I was ok but then the next day she took it again and it was 508! So, this time to the ER I go, Isaac in tow.

They drew blood, checked sugar again, BP and everything else they could do to me to make me feel even worse. It did not take long for them to tell me I was Type 2 Diabetic. I had a feeling for over a year there was something wrong, but I was scared to find out. But the doctors did not stop there. My BP was 171/92 and they were freaked out about that to. So more blood and more tests. Shortly after they came back with the results that I was not only diabetic, but also had Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

So a few hours later, after sugar went down again, they discharged me. Two prescriptions in hand and on my way. I am trying to go on line and find what I can eat, can not eat and so forth. Come to find out there is not a whole lot I can have anymore. I did find out I can have Crystal Light to drink at least 🙂

I am glad to have such good friends that call and check on me and stuff and make sure I am OK. But what bothers me is so many people, not everyone, thinks that everyone who is diagnosed with something is exactly like their own personal diagnosis. It is not that I do not appreciate the advice, but I am still trying to take this all in and have people telling me the doctors are wrong or I am wrong for what I am doing. I don’t get that I suppose. I had one person tell me that a BP of 171/92 is not even high, then another one argue about what the generic from of a medicine is when I asked the pharmacist just to confirm. It drives me crazy because not every person is the same, for me 171/92 is high; and Metformin is the generic for Glucophage because I have the bottle in front of me right now.

This is already so hard for me to take it all in without having people having me second guess myself on whether I should have even gone, or the fact that I am lucky to be alive because I waited to long. I realize I should have gone sooner. I know that much. But when someone is scared, you do not put them down about it you embrace them and make them feel secure enough to go. Now that I know, I will be making changes, will it happen overnight – No. But I will be making them over time.

I am relying on my faith in God to get me through this hurdle. I am demanding my wellness back from the devil. I can not have people surrounding me that are not on the same path as me and I hope anyone reading this everyone understands that. I need to ensure I regain my health and wellness and the only way I can do that is through His arms. Lots of prayer and of course as the doctor says…rest.

Well, for now I am going to go walking with my good friend Debbie. God is good, while I was writing this I was in the dumps then here she calls me and asks if I want to walk! God puts good people in your path for a reason!


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