Why do I have to Title every Blog?


Just figured I would jump on here and update everyone on some things going on here.

Well for starters Isaac graduates the 5th grade tomorrow! Thank God for small miracles. I thought I would never get him through elementary school and now we have Junior High to endure. This school has been hard on him for a few reasons. The teachers are good there but they do not take into account when they work with a special needs child a little tweaking here or there is needed. They do not bend at all and it is so frustrating as a parent to see your child struggle and not be able to help them as much as you would like to. I will just be glad to see him finish tomorrow and walk out of the school for the last time. And when he graduates college he can remember all the teachers that have told him he will not amount to anything and then remember the ones that stood by his side and encouraged him! Because believe it or not there have been teachers that have had him in tears telling him he will be lucky if he graduates high school at all. Why anyone would tell a child that is beyond me but that is a battle I continue to fight on his behalf. The issue they have is Isaac is very ‘book smart’ and they want to move him up a grade, but because Isaac is not ‘socially smart’ I would not allow it to happen. I chose to keep him in his age group and with peers his own age. I do not feel that was wrong, but apparently they do not agree with me. And quite frankly I do not care, he finished and did excellent and I am proud of him for that! I just hope he knows how much I love him. He struggles everyday because of what he is and not who he is. I pray one day they see his name is print for achieving a medical miracle or being a hero to someone else and they will see in him what I see. It is unfortunate but I do not think by then they will ever remember who he was. He is so ready to open a new chapter in his life. He is excited about band next year and learning an instrument. My son is growing into a man and sometimes it is hard for a mom to take it all in.

I have had an old friend of mine come back into my life and I was leery at first, but am so happy for her now. She has found a job and will begin working tomorrow. She has come to church with me and was rededicated her very first visit. God has positioned Himself in her life and she is having some hard time adjusting, but I have faith in her she will do the right thing this time. I have been praying for her daily and will continue.

It is because of her I have been making changes in my life as well. She is diabetic and I have been telling her of some symptoms I have been having and she tested my sugar level the other night when I was very ill and it was 566! I did not know what to think, I was in shock. No wonder I have been so tired and so blah lately. When she went home I called a few people and got their advice, after talking to a few people I decided to call the paramedics. When they came out they waited for it to go down under 500 and then had me sign a paper saying I would be to a doctor within 72 hours. Well, then I call my doctor and he won’t see me until I confirm with my insurance that they will pay for the tests to be done. So, it all boils down to money. Exactly why I have put it off for so long, money. I am still paying the fees for my surgery on my teeth and now this? How much more do I have to juggle around before I can have some relief? I am going to make some more phone calls and see what is the cheapest route to take, I may end up in the ER – it would be cheaper than a doctors office visit if you can believe that one. It is only 50$ to go to the ER and $100 to just walk into the doctors office. I don’t know what I will do, but for now I am watching my diet and will start walking in the evenings when it cools off some.

Well, there is my update and I hope I have not depressed anyone with my rants, but if I can not rant on line where can I? Certainly no one wants to listen to all this in person 🙂


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