All I can say is Thank You


It is Sunday evening so this may be a short post. But I will do my best not to leave anything out. To tell you about today I have to back up to several years ago. I had met a girl when I came to Texas, Maria, years ago. We were friends on and off because she lived a well let’s just say a questionable lifestyle. We did alot together, questionable and not so much ūüôā But we always ended up falling into each others arms again and again for whatever reason. Well, moving forward to yesterday, Saturday. I had met a new friend and we were talking and getting to know each other and I checked my messages on the computer and there she was, this long-lost friend of mine sending me an email after about 2 years of no contact. So we chatted back and forth and found out we only live 5 minutes from each other. So me and my new-found friend go and pick her up and we all join at my apartment for socializing.

Several hours later out of the blue my other friend calls me to see if her daughter can go to church with me in the morning, well of course she can! So, when Maria heard about me going to church, she wanted to go! Amazing! She has never been in a church since I have known her. So, the new friend went home and I went to go pick up my friend’s daughter. All night I was thinking, is Maria really going to church? I have never really ‘prayed’ to God, I ‘talk’ to God alot though. So ¬†laying in bed Saturday night I had a conversation with Him. It sorta went like this…

Me; God you know she has done alot of things wrong, she has been mean, ugly and has been to jail God.

God; Take her

Me; Well, every time I give her a second chance God we end up ending our friendship in an awful way

God; Take her

Me; Well God she wants me to pick her up at the park, if she does not show up then she was not serious about going

God; Take her

So by the end of the obvious one-sided conversation I had come to the conclusion that if she is serious about going she will be at the park, I made up my mind that I was not waiting on her and if she was not ready I was leaving. Then I went to bed and something happened overnight I guess…I still can not explain it.¬†¬†When ¬†I woke up in the morning I started making pancakes and eggs. I usually make 2 pancakes a piece for someone, but there was enough batter to make 7 instead of 6. OK, I was only feeding 3 people, 6 was enough. But I had an extra, so I made them. I made scrambled eggs and there was way to much for 3 people, so I had extra and so I made them to. So, the 3 of us ate and got ready for church. I put the rest in a bowl for Maria [in case she showed up].

We left on a venture to go see if she is there. She was waiting on me to get there! She got in the car and was so happy to get the breakfast that only God could have made sure there was enough to feed her. So, going to church now. We get there and we sent the kids to their bible study classes and then we went to ours. Then to church service. Isaac came out to go to service with me, which he never does he always goes to¬†children’s¬†church. For some reason he wanted to be with me, so of course I let him stay. We start singing then it is the time to ask if anyone wants to go to the front to be prayed over. Maria comes to me and whispered asking what they were doing and I told her. Next thing I know she is grabbing my hand and telling me she wants to go down. So…down to the front we go. I took her to the same wonderful person that prayed for me and my surgery. Paula. I knew if anyone could talk to her it would be her. By the end of it all Maria had been rededicated and baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongue in service! I was amazed to be a part of it and to see God working so greatly in His house today! Pastor Hanks did not give his sermon today, he simply let the Holy Spirit guide him and the congregation. We were praying, laying hands and¬†worshiping¬†like I have never seen people worship in their lives. I was overjoyed, crying like a baby. I know first hand what this girl has been through and survived and God has placed his hands on her and blessed her with this gift. When we left the afternoon service she was¬†visibly¬†exhausted. I brought her to my house and we all took a nap and at 4pm we woke up to go back for evening service where it just continued. There was another teenage girl who¬†received¬†the gift as well.

To top it all off, my son was standing right¬†next¬†to me in evening service and Paula grabs his hands and starts praying for him, giving him a blessing prayer. Whenever anyone does¬†pray¬†with or for Isaac he seems¬†embarrassed¬†or shy about it. Not this time. He stood there so tall and strong and took it all in. Soaking in every word she uttered. I was again sobbing like nobody’s business like any mother would.

I have never been as proud of my friends and have loved a church and a church family as much as I did today. Seeing these people working for God was amazing to say the least. Never have I had such appreciation for the Lord until today. Such an exhausting day and yet probably the best day I have ever in my life endured.

God Bless every single person that was under the roof of that church today! There were miracles performed there I just know it for a fact.

Good night!


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