What to Do…


It is a never ending vicious cycle isn’t it? I am quite convinced no one reads my blogs so I am really not concerned about what goes into them anymore. I do not really do anything but just in case I do not want to have to hide anything either.

I am at such a confusing crossroad right now in my life. I have been single for a long time and when I do find a potential close friend he turns out to be a complete jerk. But I do not know what is happening now. I have been talking to a man and we have really hit it off but we truly live lives of complete opposite. I am not saying we are getting married or anything good Lord! But should I even think of what the future would look like? I have thought about making breakfast for him and Isaac or going to the store together things like that but I have never had a guy have ‘interest’ in me like he does. He likes talking to me, he asks me how I am doing or how my day was. Not like most of the men I know that do not and have not ever cared. Although I know it is entirely to early to even think of a future together it is fun to fantasize about it a bit 🙂

So the updates, ok, here goes. Isaac has a birthday party for a good friend of his today at the skating rink so that should be fun. My ‘friend’ is coming down here to visit us for a while. And I am being tortured by the longest case of insomnia I have ever known anyone to have 😦

It is Saturday morning and I may have gotten 3 hours of sleep.  Then I made breakfast for the kiddo and I. I tried to lie back down and no such luck I start cleaning and doing laundry. Ughh this is never ending. I want to have a nice relaxing day so bad today, let me see if I can make it happen.

God Bless


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