Long Time…


You would think I have so much to update since it has been so long right? Nah, not so much.

I have been locked out of this account for so long, I forgot my password and had hard times recovering it. Then it just slipped my mind and one thing after the other I lapsed.

But, I do have big news! I got my teeth done FINALLY! I had 15 teeth total removed and now I have dentures on the top and a partial on the bottom.

I hated people seeing my teeth, I hated people seeing me so I did not smile. I never took pictures of me smiling so no one could talk bad about  me behind my back. I have been so self conscience of my teeth. But now I have had them removed and I feel so much better. I had the surgery on April 16th 2010 a date I will always celebrate now. I took my first picture smiling just the other day. I feel so much healthier in my body from having all the infection removed. They were very scared for me and so was I, but all went well and I am actually healing fast they say.

Isaac is still Isaac. He is ready for Summer to get here and so am I. I am ready for him to get a break from school and just have some down time. He is going into the 6th grade next year and has worked hard to get there. He is still having some major behavioral issues, but we are working on them as a unit. My church family has been a hug factor in our recovery an healing. He will do just fine I have faith in him.

I will update more often now that I have my password lol. So, check back and better yet ‘follow’ my blog and WP will tell you when I posted something new.

God Bless.


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