What a Wonderful New Year…


This New Year has treated Isaac and I well so far. This will be a real short update, so here goes.

Isaac got his report card and was so proud to show me A Honor Roll! He has done real well pulling his grades up. He went through a rough patch there where he just did not care about grades, school or much of anything. I am glad he realizes now how much so many people really do love him.

I have  been going to the gym everyday since 01.01.2010 and weighed myself yesterday and lost 7 pounds!!! I had to weigh myself again because I was stunned. But yea 7 pounds in 7 days working out and changing what I eat.

We are finally getting settled into our new place. It is so comfy and cozy here. I really never want to move from here. I know that sounds awful – but I like it and so does he. He has already made so many friends here.

Well, like I said – short but sweet, just wanted to update you all and Thank you for reading.

Weight; 329 on 01.01.2010 / 322 on 01.08.2010

God Bless.


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