So many things


With Christmas literally right around the corner I have been so busy lately. Shopping, decorating and wrapping. I was not really sure how Isaac was going to have a nice Christmas this year just simply because I need to stay current on my bills first and foremost, but someway I pulled it out of the bag. He will have a very nice day. But I appreciate the fact that he told me even if he has no gifts he will still have a wonderful day, lol. He is precious!

We have a tradition on Christmas, he opens one small gift Christmas Eve and then Christmas morning I always make a big breakfast before anything is opened. This year I am thinking sausage gravy and biscuits, scrambled eggs and bacon. Yummy. Once we eat then he gets to tear into the gifts. Of course I will have some fresh fruit for him to, he loves cantaloupe lol.

I have been working online lately to get some extra cash to help out here and there. That is an awesome site. If you really want to have the option to work at home online on a job where you have to pay NOTHING upfront, then send me a message with your email  and I will send you the link. I do freelance work like writing articles, blogging or product reviews and I get paid every week just like a regular job. You will not become a millionaire doing it by any means and I am saying this upfront, but it helps when you need some extra money here and there for groceries, gas or whatever.

Well, Isaac is taking a very well deserved nap and I am cleaning house and mopping in between playing on the computer lol. I have cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes, cleaned out the kitties box and mopped all three of those floors. So actually I have accomplished alot in a short time.

I do have to say something before I log out of here today. I had a dear friend of mine almost like a brother to me involved in a very bad motorcycle accident last night. We were in the hospital until the wee hours of the morning waiting on the outcome of him. He has a concussion, and a few broken ribs along with the major road rash. But he needs prayer right now. He is not a very religious man, but I know I am and I know many of us are and binding together with prayer he will be healed. He is a little hellian, but he is my little hellian and I am worried about him.

I have to get back to work so I can get my house cleaned more before Isaac gets up but I hope to be able to write more later.

Have a great Christmas Day if I do not blog before then. God Bless!


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