Double-Edged Sword


Have you ever heard the expression? Double-Edged Sword, what does it mean to you? My take on it is this; something that seems beneficial to you and good for you to do – if not done correctly may have serious consequences for you in the long run. Now maybe that is not right, but that is my take on it.

Let me explain. For years I have had stomach issues, ulcers mainly and now they have added a new one to mix by diagnosing me with a messed up gallbladder. So I have to literally watch and think about everything I eat, before I eat it. Now, for a big girl, that is tough. Because for years that only thing I thought about when eating was how darn good it tasted lol. But that quickly changes when you are diagnosed with stomach issues because the pain of not following the doctors orders is bad.

So then let me fill you in on the double-edged sword I fell on last night. Isaac and I went to a Christmas party at our church last night with our Sunday school class and we had so much fun first of all! We had a white elephant gift exchange, Isaac got a digital camera and I got a wonderful smelling candle [which I love candles so that was a win]. We had dinner and there was everything imaginable there. Ham, turkey, casseroles, Quiche, rolls – you name it we had it there. Well, I did what every other person was doing and I put a little bit of everything on my plate knowing 1/2 of them I had better not even touch! But, being nice I did not want to hurt anyones feeling by not taking them, they went on my plate. My plate looked like everyone elses towered over with food and rolls. We went and sat down to eat and OMG it was like giving chocolate cake to a fat kid, it was so delicious it was crazy. So, I thought of my gallbladder first, no grease or fried stuff and I ate really slow. Good job, Kristina you are doing good. Then I thought of my ulcer, no grease or spicy stuff, still doing good. About 1/2 way through my plate I was in an argument with my stomach and finally said to heck with you stomach and ate my dinner like everyone else with healthy tummies did. Bad Idea!

It tasted so good and I had no issues at all at the party, we played games and visited and got to know each other better  until ten at night when the party started at 6:30, it was an awesome time. I came home and was checking Odesk [I will tell you about that later] and starting getting the worst pains in my stomach I have had in a long time. Isaac was trying to talk to me and I just told him I could not even talk right now, that is how bad it hurt. It was a piercing pain, but in my left side and not my right where my gallbladder is. But then I remember my doctor telling me sometimes when the pain is so tremendous it radiates to the other side to eliminate the pain pulsating directly on the gallbladder. So I immediately thought of my gallbladder. I knew it was ticked off at me, understandable. I deserved it lol. So, an early bedtime was in my cards last night and went to bed shortly after we got home. I woke up this morning at 6am – on a Sunday morning. We do not even have to go to service until 9am. But here I am up at 6. So, the house quiet I check Odesk for work and OMG my stomach is mad! Mad I tell you! Pain from the second I sat up in bed. I have gone to the restroom at least 10 times and it is only 9:30 now. I guess this is my ulcer and gallbladder ganging up on me and flushing my system out is their way of telling me – Look Chick Listen to the Doctor or We will Do it Again!!!

So, ok, maybe I ate to much of the wrong stuff but geez this is just cruel and unusual punishment isn’t it? Has to be right? Well, either way, I know I have to go by what the doctors tell me so I need to start listening before my ulcer and gallbladder have to tell me again.

So needless to say I will not be attending service this morning, no way I can. They will not appreciate me getting up every 30 minutes to potty I am sure. But I will get the recap from friends that are there. And I will listen to Robert Morris on the net this morning too.

So there is my story of the double-edged sword. Hope you enjoyed. Have a blessed day and go find a church to visit!


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