What do I Title a Miracle?


OK; so I was not able to come back on last night. However, I am here now. I gave a simple intro in the first blog, so I will just pick up on our lives as they are right now.

My house is so quiet and I have time to reflect on everything that happened through the day today. I first want to say I have not always been a very religious person, but since August 30, 09 [which is my birthday] I realized there is an entire world I have, correction, my son and I have missed out on. We went to church on my birthday this year. That was what I wanted for my birthday, I wanted my son to escort me to church and I wanted to start a new life for us both. I tell you; my life changed the moment I walked through the door. I felt an over powering love of God in that church. I had people coming up to me and introducing themselves and just the signs of love were evident on their faces. I have gone back every possible Wednesday and Sunday I can make it. They are our family now. Our family to fill the void of family we do not have. Really what better family unit can you have, one that knows what direction is appropriate and one that knows what lies ahead for them. On November 8th, 09 I was saved. Right there in my church I went to the front and asked Pastor Mangrum to wash my body in the blood of the Lamb and erase my sins. Allowing me to start over fresh and new and live a Christian walk of life with God by my side. I cried that day, but not of tears of pain or sorrow but of happiness and relief. I knew Jesus died for me and God did not have to by any means give his only son for my sins. Although he did and for that I an eternally grateful. See, to understand the rest of the story, I need  to tell you something. The church we attend has a children’s church for the younger kids. So Isaac attends one church service and I attend a different one at the same time. When we got in the car that November 8th, I told him I had become saved, he said; “OK big deal mom I did it last week”!! I had no idea. My son took his leap of faith by himself and without any inhibitions, he asked Jesus into his heart. I was so overwhelmed it was crazy. I asked why he did not tell me and he simply stated, it was between him and God. Short and simple. Fair enough, all I knew is there were some major changes that God was going to bring into our lives from that point forward. Oh boy was I right!

In the past month God has showered us with love from every direction. Love we were both missing in our lives. We now understand that where Isaac’s father has left us empty; God stepped in and is his father and my partner now. He has kept me employed, kept our car safe and legal with insurance, registration and inspection. Kept us in a nice, warm home for so long. God has done all that for us, and I have been so selfish taking the credit for it. I do not deserve the credit, I am only doing what God guides me to do. As long as I am obedient, he will provide. So He has continued to do that every day.

Just an example. I had no expectations for Christmas for Isaac this year. I even sat him down and told him there was going to be no tree and trimmings this year. Maybe 1 present, but not a lot. We agreed Christmas is far from what is wrapped in shiny paper, but who you spend it with. Then today, I get awarded a gift from God. I was able to get a tree, decorations and Isaac a few small gifts. I came home from work and decorated while he was in school and he was so surprised. He asked me how it happened and I just told him, keep praying He hears everyone.

 So that is how we came to love the Lord. Now that you know the beginning, I will be able to take you into the past easier. But that is for a later date. Maybe someday this will get published or something and whoever publishes will be a millionaire off of our lives. Would that not be the coolest thing ever?!

OK now I have to go to bed, early day tomorrow. Good night, sweet dreams and of course God Bless.

*You do not have to watch everyone all the time, trust in Him – because God Never Blinks.


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